Instant Notifications

The app automatically sends Blood Requests through SMS and Server Push to the Donor's phone.

Social Posts

Instant Facebook and Twitter Posts are shared as soon as the blood request is made.

Super Secure

RedDrop is secure and reliable, it keeps all the user's confidential information secret.

User Friendly

Keeping the user's usability RedDrop is designed highly interactive and user friendly.


Login / Register

Become a member of RedDrop by registering yourself with us. By registering, blood seekers can easily get connected with you once the request is made.

Choose Required Blood

Whether you are a member or a guest on the app, you can always send blood donation requests.

Send Blood Request

Whether you are a member or a guest on the app, you can always send blood donation requests.


CARE House

CARE House is a not an organization – It’s a dream. A dream to help people and to make things easy for humans. Our mission is to improve the quality of life by fulfilling basic needs & demands of people around us. Let’s make this world a decent place to live.

We are focusing to leave a sustainable world for our upcoming generation. A single individual can’t achieve this - We need to work hard; We need to work efficiently; and most importantly We need to work together.

Selfishness can’t take us anywhere. Our selfless attitude will make us. I will win if WE will win and WE will win if ALL of us will win. We are committed to devote ourselves; to devote our time; to devote our energy for the betterment of this world.

Our aim is to create a healthy and resourceful society in upcoming years. We are focused towards Health, Education and Poverty. Our specific objectives are:

  • Promoting Health Education & Awareness.
  • Making Health Related Services Easy.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Implementation.
  • Spreading IT literacy to the youth.
  • Providing health scanning services to poor community.

Our Aim

CARE House is committed to provide quality services for Human that will eventually upgrade the quality of lives. Our aim is to create a culture where each individual will play his role and will take the responsibility of helping the ones who are in dire need of support.

We are not going to limit our tools to technology only. We will be focusing on awareness campaign, marketing and networking. We believe in partnership with our community and this is what we strive for. Thematic

Our Team

CARE House team is made up dynamic individuals who are committed to our mission and vision. The strength of CARE House lies in the people who are with us and who work with us. We believe in support and encouragement to meet ambitious goals both as individuals and as a team. It is a youth-run organization and provides free help and specially works to target the poor and the needy. We are based in Pakistan but borders are not going to limit us and our future goals.

Whatever the crisis situation is; whatever the situation is; We can come out of that situation if we will think about each & every individual rather than just thinking about ourselves. We are very much optimistic that true and endless effort of CARE House will embellish our surroundings by promoting health and education.

Red Drop

Blood is a gift of GOD with no substitute. The best person who can realize its importance is the one who is seeking it for himself or for his family member or for some friend. Blood can’t be manufactured in factories; it can only come from generous donor.

RedDrop is a small product of CAREHouse. The idea behind RedDrop is very simple; Cater the demand of people who are seeking blood by connecting them with volunteer Blood Donors.

Our main objective is to solve the blood shortage problem -not only in Pakistan but across the world by promoting this initiative world-wide. RedDrop act as a channel connecting voluntary blood donors with those who need it.

The demand-supply issue is always there and person seeking the blood can feel the real pain. Blood Donation is one of those noble tasks that we usually ignore just because we don’t have any proper platform where we can help the needy ones.

Studies have shown that over 90% of total blood transfused in Pakistan is donated by close relatives and friends. The concept of voluntary non-remunerated donors is mainly absent due to the lack of a blood donor recruitment and retention strategy.

According to estimates 5000 children born with thalassemia each year and 70 000 patients are registered with this disease. One of the major task of RedDrop is to cater the demand of these patient by providing them more sources of blood donation.

RedDrop models resolve around 4 focal points

  • Improve awareness
  • Helping those in dire need
  • Establishing a network of Youth
  • Sufficient blood supply by registering maximum voluntary donors.

Blood donation is a harmless, painless and absolutely safe and in fact it is good for health. So if you wish to save a precious life; come join RedDrop by CAREHouse and help the people close to you. We are committed to serve the society and we need you to join us as well.

Mission Statement of RedDrop is very simple “Lets become a close community; No one shouldn’t suffer for want of blood around us”.